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This is your chance to get involved and take some YOU time! Whether it's time to revisit an old skill, or learn an entirely new one, we're excited to be by your side, providing a safe, confidence building community to get moving and have the best time!

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How does it work?

You sign up for your weekly class, and then come and enjoy the magic!

We know that the hassle of modern gyms at the moment is missing out on your favourite classes, or having to book two weeks in advance to get in just once. When you register for a class @ Progress, you're registered for the term!! This means you can:

  • Build community - become besties with the other dancers in your class!

  • Create a routine - proven to enhance consistency and results!

  • Work on your skills and see improvement week to week - because who doesn't love growth!

Plus, you get added to a private forum where you're encouraged to build community! We'll also share class videos and more so that you can practise between classes.

How do I pay?

Our super easy to navigate direct debit system makes your dance classes work like a gym membership! Don't worry about payment deadlines or invoices finding their way to your junk folders - we'll just process your class passes every fortnight!

Do I have to know how to dance?

Not at all! It's about fun in a judgement-free class environment. Whether you're brand new to dance, or an ex-dancer returning to the studios, we can't wait to have you!

What do I wear?

Whatever makes you feel confident! You don't need to wear a uniform (but totally can rock it if you'd like!). We suggest activewear that is easy and comfortable to move in, and makes you feel good!


Tap: Sneakers/Runners are fine, unless you'd like to rock a tap shoe! People have been selling their old ones on FB Marketplace and Ebay recently for as low as $20! We also sell shoes out of the studio for $50.

Hip Hop: Sneakers/Runners

Jazz: Socks, Bare feet or Jazz shoes (we sell Jazz shoes out of the studio for $40, or FB Marketplace is great!)

Contemporary: Socks or bare feet are totally fine!

I'M READY! Enrol me now!

We love it!

If you're already part of the ProgressDNA family, head to your parent portal here, add yourself as a student under your account and enrol for one of our epic Adults Classes (email us if you run into any issues!)

If you're new to the family, WELCOME! We can't wait to have you. You can create an account in our enrollment portal here, list yourself as the student on your account and register in your favourite adults classes!

If you run into any issues, just drop us a line and we'll help to set things up!

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