Exams & Competitions


For those looking to take their dance training to a higher level, ProgressDNA offers exams for dancers taking ballet, tap or acro classes.

The best part? Our exams don't require extra weekly classes, exorbitant extra costs or lots of pressure! Our dancers are encouraged to participate in exams - so their exam work is incorporated into their regular weekly class.

Our exam days are so much fun! They're all about celebrating the growth and successes of our performers, so it's like a big party in the waiting room. Dancers arrive to get their hair done, and get a fun, sparkly hair accessory to wear, so they feel SUPER special. Think words of encouragement beforehand, and teachers waiting outside the door with a BIG "Congratulations!" at the end. Think cupcakes, high fives and dance parties.

But what are the benefits?

  • Boosts self confidence

  • Demonstrates personal progress

  • Receive feedback

  • Learn to Set goals (and break through them!)

  • Learn to take on challenges with excitement and a smile

Our Acrobatics Exams are run according to the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.

Our Ballet and Tap exams are run according to the Australasian Dance Association syllabus.

Contact us now to chat about options for your dancer!

Exams & Competitions

Our Company Teams

Our Companies provide opportunities to dancers who demonstrate both incredible talent and the ProgressDNA values. It's all about becoming a family unit with your team, getting a few extra performance opportunities in and celebrating our dancers for their dedication.

Our Companies compete at three competitions a year, and are also invited to other performances like local fairs are representatives of ProgressDNA.

Acceptance into our Company program is by invitation or trail - but we'd love to hear from you to set up a trial, or chat through pathways to get there! We LOVE kids with drive and passion, and with the right tools, every dancer will find their place.

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