It's time to take personal driver off of your resume - we'll pick the kids up for you!

We know parents are BUSY! And with so much going on with work, running errands and often juggling the activities of multiple kids - we're here to take it off of your plate.

We pick dancers up at the completion of the school day and bring them to the studios, where they can change, eat some snacks and get ready for class - all you need to do is pick them up at the completion of their afternoon classes!

Which classes are eligible for walking buses?

Dancers enrolled in the first class for their age group on any given day are eligible for the walking bus program - most dancers stay for 2-3 classes in a row!

Which schools do you pick up from?

North Sydney Demonstration School and St Mary's Catholic - these are the schools within a close enough walking distance to make it for class time without rushing!

What should I pack?

  • Full studio uniform

  • Afternoon Tea

  • Water bottle

*Please do not send your dancer with any valuables.

What's the cost?

$5 per week, per day.

Dancers on an unlimited class package receive free walking buses!

What if my dancer is sick and didn't attend school?

All you need to do is message us as soon as possible so that we don't have any delays.

In line with our cancellation policy, refunds are not available for missed pick ups.

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